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House bedsHouse beds

Let’s move into the magical world of children’s imagination, create a cozy place for our children to sleep, a secret place to read fairy tales and the perfect base for night frolics with friends. The house bed is a real dream bed.

When designing this bed model, we tried to move into the magical world of children’s imagination,remember how we were children ourselves, which made us happy, gave us a sense of carefree and safety.

Each of us dreamed of a base, a secret place, a dream home. The house bed combines the magic of childhood, functionality and modern design. It can serve as a bedroom, but also a playground, reading room or, thanks to the additional sleeping function, a great place for night frolics with friends. The house bed is a real house of children’s dreams.

The house bed made of pine wood is painted with a clear varnish and we present them in two
sizes: 160 x 70 cm and 200 x 90 cm and in two versions of the mattress mounting height. The customer himself decides about the height of the assembly. If you choose a higher bed option, you can buy a universal drawer from our offer in the selected bed size. Thanks to the possibility of inserting a mattress into both drawers, they can be used as a second sleeper.

There are also four types of railings dedicated to the bed, in various styles and colors. Barriers can be freely configured, assembled and disassembled. After disassembly, only small screw holes remain in hidden places.

House beds are made of pine wood glued longitudinally, thanks to which the wood does not bend, and the bed is stronger and more durable. The aesthetic value is increased by the fact that the boards are not joined with finger joints. All connections in the beds are made of the highest quality fittings that are invisible from the outside of the bed. The chimney and the frame for the mattress are included in the price. Rails and drawers are additionally payable elements. The price of the bed does not include a mattress.

HOUSE BEDS House beds

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