Unia Europejska


Collection withdrawn

Another Pinio collection created to inspire children’s imagination. Simple and elegant design and bright, subdued colours make the toddler’s room a land of gentleness. ToTo furniture is a real wizard of children’s dreams and fantasies. The moment it appears in the room, this is where magic happens.

The wizard puts his spell and at once everything gets cheerful. The magic shows its colourful eyes, buttons and socks. Like color spots when you squint your eyes on a sunny summer day… or sweet candies in the colors of the rainbow accidentally spilled on a white table, or moulds abandoned for a while on the coastal sand. Most wonderful images of everyday life. Sweet moments of childhood. This collection loves toddlers. It is safe and functional. Made of the combination of en fronts and chipboard. The world of magic is simply hidden in it. Furniture-wizard!


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