offers unique furniture for children – furniture that matches their imagination

A bed turns into a fortified castle, a toy chest becomes a pirate ship, and a wardrobe changes into a house for woodland sprites.

Pinio furniture offers a fascinating adventure for every child. The products are manufactured using healthy and user-oriented materials.

Pinio furniture is characterized by intriguing design and modern production technology. The pieces of furniture are made of wood acquired straight from Polish forests. They possess unique charm, are environmental-friendly, natural and safe to use.

A wide range of textures, colors and solutions guarantee a never-ending source of inspiration. This is why each piece of Pinio furniture and each room become unique.

The Pinio brand is owned by

Drewnostyl company

Drewnostyl company which has been manufacturing solid pine furniture since 1992, both for Polish and European markets. At the end of the 1990s the company began the production of furniture for children. With time these products became the undeniable trademark of the company.

Since its beginnings, Drewnostyl has been involved in social and charity work, especially in local communities projects. The company has been awarded a number of prestigious prizes and honorable mentions which confirm high quality of the offered products.