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Filo children’s furniture was inspired by folk design trends. Products from this set combine solid pine with felt in natural color. The characteristic elements in Filo set are handles adorned with color felt ringlets which explicitly determine the unique nature of the collection. The colorful elements allow to suit the furniture to both boys (turquise, green, yellow) and girls (pink, orange, yellow). Filo is perfect for very both young and older children.

Furniture which grows up with the child

The unusual form of the pieces has been specially designed to suit the needs of small users and for the convenience of their parents. Filo collection may accompany the child for many years, both during infancy, preschool and school years. After small modification which is easy for a parent, the cot, chest and changing unit become a safe and convenient solution for an already walking toddler. Complementary elements, such as a desk or an additional wardrobe is a proposal for kindergarten and school-age children.

Materials and Construction

Front surface gives the feeling of heat and velvet softness of touch which contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere in the child’s room. High quality of the furniture closing systems eliminate the effect of cracking and provide a quiet and gentle closing. They allow mums to move around the room freely while the baby is asleep. All furniture pieces and materials are tested and certified.

Designer: Iwona Bossert.

Implementation and project supervision: Recreativa.


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